The year 2014 commemorate the landmark in the annuals of Events in Nigeria/West Africa as we look forward to International Entrepreneur Business Summit tagged “EBSummit 2014” in the Informal sector of our economy. The event is packaged by I.Conntact-Connect Communications; managed by Connexx Resources Inc; with participation of Government Agencies and Corporate Organizations who are Stakeholders. Focus point is in the compelling reasons to deliberate on possible means to bridge communication gap between the people (public) and Government as well as Organization in the Informal sector. The summit shall also focus on “Entrepreneur Business Operations in accordance with Government Policies and Regulations towards an enduring Business Environment” while harmonizing all concerned Government Agencies with Stakeholders in an ever growing Informal sector economy.

EBSummit 2014 is a 3-days Event which shall afford all stakeholders both invited and intended participants Organization/Government Agencies the margin opportunity of presenting a communal functional paper at the summit focusing on their Roles, Contributions and Benefits as well as rules & regulations guarding them in their relations with the General Public (Macro Society) EBSummit 2014 will also give Stakeholders and Attendees the opportunities to discover more, profit networking opportunity, ideas, more products lines & more solutions as regard their peculiar situation. They will See, Hear and experience the latest technology in audio/video, multimedia computer hardware and software, cellular and paying technology, mobile electronics, home theater, interactive television, satellite technology latest innovation, etc are unique funfair at the mini-side exhibitions booths stands showcasing new products and services. The Organizations shall have a unique forum for interaction, networking with the Core Target Market towards consolidating stakeholders’ relationships. Synergy! You said? This summit we belief is a noble idea which however has long been under utilized to bring about economic and societal development growth in Nigeria and Africa, as compared to Western developed’ countries economic and societal dynamism concept. EBSummit shall be held at the honourable Rivers State Ministry of Justice Auditorium, Port Harcourt; Nigeria from 27th-29th of August, 2014. The venue is chosen because of its proximity to all concerned as a centre point location while Leveraging Information for competitive and effective advantage”. EBSummit 2014 is more of Public Service, that is designed to provide unprecedented opportunity to Government and its Agencies to promote their roles, integrity and credibility before the teaming public which they have a symbiotic relationship with, by relating and expatiating more on their operation towards a national growth and people Co-existence. “Public Relations are a vital tool in societal management that will quickly help Government to be productive in service delivery towards profitability objectives in nation development through the use of Communication mix”. “Communication mix is the most important information dissemination strategy in societal integration towards a lasting democracy and tranquility of human existence”. This are the propelling instinct that brought about this initiative by I.Conntact-Connect Communications’ Managing Director/CEO to converge all Managing Directors, CEOs, IT Directors (in private sector) DGs, Ministers, Commissioners, Chairman (in Government Agencies) especially Entrepreneur Business owners in all Computer Villages, Markets Nationwide, Community Development Managers, Sales & Marketing Executives, International Representatives & Agencies, Embassies (Trade section/Information Department); Manufactures of Computers and its Allied Products both in Nigeria at Large. Did you know that 90% percent of SME business owners carrying less than 10 percent of business information on their business in Nigeria & Africa at large? EBS Entrepreneur Business summit devotes 100 percent of its focus/ vision / mission on quality information dissemination to SMEs businesses while Finance and Leisure are keys to their achievement. EBS’s intensive education programmed activities provides Africa’s & Nigeria’s SME business interest community with a unique opportunity to update their knowledge, network with colleagues from throughout Nigeria and develop business contacts in order  to foster industrial Revolution Development, with specialist Sector Facilitators to cater for the information needs of a wide range of SME / MSME groups. The 3-days Event shall  present opportunity to all stakeholders from various sectors of our Economy especially INFORMAL SECTOR to further interact on key issues that are fast reshaping and affecting their business prospect, by asking questions and getting solution from highly professional & Experienced team of business facilitators / speakers. EBS attendees shall meet with the Core Target Markets Stakeholders (CTMS) from different economic sector of their specialization to develop relationship and synergize. This we belief shall eventually brings, national development as a result of Eye-opener. The event EBS shall afford the attendees the opportunities to know about the latest Innovative Solution Technology (IST) through the most influential decision makers in the industry and they will learn from them. Moreover, Attendees shall also understand why some Government Regulations is actually affecting their business. The need to re-brand to the original event face after getting what we want from the vision, after the normal experimental exercise by focusing and streamlining on specific SME Association  group like CAPDAN, COOPERATIVES, TRADE UNIONS etc. Why you should attend EBSummit:- * You will see and hear the latest products from innovative Technology companies * You will meet some most influential decision makers in the industry and you will learn from them. * You will understand why some Government Regulations are actually affecting your Business. * You will meet new business Contacts & you will connect * You will communicate easily! EBSummit 2014 present opportunity for all stakeholders in these informal sectors to further brainstorm on key issues that are fast reshaping and affecting their Economy and Market activities. It will also provide them the opportunity of doing business. See! Hear!! Experience!!!   EBSummit is waiting for you. Be part of it and see what’s happening while you make contacts and hear from Leaders on new ways to grow your business. Finally, @ EBS you shall meet like minds and great minds that will surely help you FACILITATE your business forward; you shall also have opportunity of doing business. See you there as we warmly welcome you   EBSummit, ... Facilitating your business workstyle!

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