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iEBS is a 3-day Event that presents opportunity to all stake holders from various sectors of our economy especially the INFORMAL SECTOR to further interact on key issues that are fast affecting their business prospects, by asking questions and getting solutions from highly professional and experienced team of business facilitators/speakers. iEBS attendees shall meet with Core Target Market Stakeholders (CTMS) from different economic sector of their specialization to develop relationship and synergies. this we believe shall eventually bring national development as a result of Eye-opener. iEBS’s intensive education programmed activities provides Nigeria and Africa’s business interest community with a unique opportunity to update their knowledge, network with colleagues throughout Nigeria and develop business contact in order to foster industrial revolution development, with specialist sector facilitators to cater for the information needs of a wide range of SME/MSME groups. Did u know that 90% of SME business owners carry less than 10 % of business information on their business in Nigeria and Africa at large? iEBS focuses 100% on quality information dissemination to SME business while finance and leisure are keys to their achievement. The event iEBS shall afford the attendees the opportunity to know about the latest Innovative Solution Technology (IST), THROUGH THE MOST INFLUENTIAL DECISION MAKERS IN THE INDUSTRY AND THEY WILL LEARN FROM THEM. Also attendees shall understand why some government regulations affect their business. iEBS organizers: I.Conntact-Connect Communications (www.2i2c.com.ng) is an integrated marketing communication (IMC) oriented company that is into public relations, marketing, advertising, branding and consultancy. 360Degree Connexx Resources (www.connexxinc.com) is basically into events, human resource, training/hiring for companies and management consultancy while transacting business through Catex Media 63NA ventures (www.catexmedia63na.com.ng), Catex Media are into media services like outdoor media buying, printing, graphic design, publishing (publishers of FORTRESS MAGAZINE and ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE) iEBS program director is a B.Sc holder in sociology, M.Sc international relations and strategic studies from lagos state university. “Larry de brand” as he is fondly called is a well traveled and seasoned professional with accomplishments in Corporate Affairs, Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Events, Brand Management, Administration and General Organization Management. finally at iEBS you shall meet like minds and great minds that will surely help you FACILITATE your business work style forward, you shall also have opportunity of doing business. look out for our forth coming yearly events.



To be the industry benchmark for quality human related services; with global reach through strategic alliances.


To be a niche player, using professional  people and strategic driven process, backed up with strong asset base to deliver cost effective and value added services to our clients while ensuring good returns to all stake holders.


Connexx Resources Incorporation is an integrated corporate brand human resources company through organization of exhibitions, conferences, training and events exposition; where ethics, expertise and competences are our watch words. We are established to provide   unparallel human resources support services base for our  discerning clients by maintaining a successful practice in the delivery of quality, efficient, timely and   responsive services. Our organization is managed by  team of professionals with several years of business track records with commendable experience, having worked in an industry where quality services are not negotiable or compromised. We have set out to apply skills and values in delivering our core competencies to clients that desired to be more competitive and remain a top of  the business arena, in addition the master of the game.


Events Management: AGM, Product Launch.

Organizing & Marketing Exhibitions.

Conferences, Seminar & Workshops

Recruitment/Hiring /Training/Capacity Building (HR)


We have built a committed and  dedicated team of professionals and a good efficient management with strong technical and personal skills to handle the above  listed services.


Connexx Resources Incorporation will help to increase efficiency and provide quality, better control over manpower, other operating cost, thereby allowing you to focus on your core competencies. We look forward to partnering with your company with the view of helping your organization succeed in business while achieving your organizational desire and objectives.


…element of skills!




We aspire to be the most sought after compact, mobile Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) professional company that is Trustworthy, Creative, Responsive and Courageously committed to brand building and management; while aiming at positive economic profit for our valued clients’ business

  • Our vision is Business infinity!



To positively impact society with business partnership work, providing reliable solutions with constant adaptation to global thinking that will be delivered through customer friendly and aesthetics environment; that is driven by highly motivated, empowered resource persons, with passion for service excellence, high ethics, business ethos; and using quality innovation and superior service delivery, for competitive advantage to satisfy all stakeholders.

  • Our Mission Is Focus Unlimited!  


Like a butterfly, I.Conntact-Connect Communications is a company that enjoys displaying its tones professionally. Unlike the butterfly, however our creative development has been over more than one season; during that time, we have project and pre-empt a market-leading by carving a niche for ourselves. Our reputations is that of high quality services, that is result oriented which is an end result for our clients; So at I.Conntact-Connect Communications, we are always flying with colors and when we connect at all, You are successful!

In the process, we recognize the unique power of color to communicate, so we make no attempt to camouflage our business approach as professionals. With I.Conntact-Connect; it’s a case of parading our true colours’pride; that is our essence!




We believe rewarding relationships are built on Trust, that is why at I.Connact-Connect; we talk Heart to Heart with our clients because we CARE


We believe in our ideas and creativity which is recognized for achievements as we work Hand in Hand with our clients, because we are flexible for our clients’ input.


We believe in opening doors for our clients, that’s why we walked Side by Side with our clients because we already pre-empts our clients’ needs, as we were there when he was planning and making a call for our service.


We strongly believe that the end should justify the means, so our relationship should be fruitful for both parties, that is, we at I.Conntact-Connect and  our clients should be strong and relate One on One as we both have the same objective of profitability.



Eye to Eye is the best way we and our clients should see; because it is all about perception!



I.Conntact-Connect Communication is a company, that realize the prime place of Information and Communication in societal relationships to the success of it’s vision and has therefore from inception put into frontline focus information dissemination between I.Conntact-Connect and it’s core clients, both Individual and Corporate Organization in this global village. Against this backdrop I.Conntact-Connect evolved to provide a world class communications business support service solutions that will eventually increase volume of business without significant increase in cost while signing on and closing business deals (accounts). Through pre-eminence of this mutual relationship and understanding to become best in our services, because from the foregoing, we are confident, and certain that the benefit that will accrue from our proficient service shall be better for our clients. I.Conntact-Connect is an integrated Marketing Communications Company that was established to provide Corporate Professional Business Support Services, where  professional ethics matters, we assure you to be Trustworthy, Creative and Responsive in handling you Accounts; we also assured you of success stories as we are Courageously committed.



I.Conntact-Connect Communications shall operate a flat structure to drive operational efficiency that is strong and courageously responsive with multi skill, as the heart of staff policy for which staffs will be adequately compensated.

Our Directors:

The company’s directors are very distinguished Nigerians with international network connections.

Our Management: aka “CHESS TAEM”

I.Conntact-Connect is a small compact, mobile organization that is managed by a team of seasoned professionals with several years of business support service experience. Having worked in an industry where quality service is not negotiable or compromised. We have set out to apply skills values in delivering our core competence to client that desire to be more competitive and remain atop of the business arena.

We built a committed and dedicated team “CHESS TEAM” professionals and a good efficient members of staff (employees) with strong technical “sector specialist and strategic analysts” i.e key to marketing success; and personal skills to handle all our specialties, which includes conventional and non-conventional marketing communications services.  



ADVERTISING (ATL&BTL): Creative Designs, Electronic Media Buying, Prints Buying.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Image/Reputation Management, Brand Building & Management,

Press Briefing/Conference Organization and management.

MARKETING: Direct-Marketing/Data Base Projects, Corporate Brands Selling/Research and Report, Road Show, Corporate Gifts & Merchandise items Branding and Supply.

 MANAGEMENT:  Management Consultancy & Projects.



We are agency of the future that sells, builds and manage Brands image. We are hard hitting, succinct and poignant professionals, that is; its thin human qualities that are the source of our valued company essence; Packed with common sense and sound strategies, which are the basic powerful principles of success, that eventually take you on a journey towards personal and corporate financial growth.


I.Conntact-Connect Communications,

 …it’s all about perception!